Adjust shapes to create the composition

The importance of composition

Painting a sunny day from a cloudy reference

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Trisha walks you through from 'before' to 'after.'

The Importance of Value Range

... and lots of other good stuff.

Let composition suggest a focal point

Let the diva shine!

Don't compete with your focal point.

All the Usual Tricks!

We use two-point perspective, high contrast and soft edges to make this painting shine.

How to paint a low light scene

When you have two, let one dominate.

Course curriculum

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    Welcome to the Free Makeover series. (Click the small down arrow to the right, if you don't see the entire list of videos.)

    • PEACEFUL POND: Two versions

    • RED HOUSE: How composition affects the painting

    • DAHLIA PAINTING: How to Take a Very Good Painting and Make it Great

    • SAXOPHONIST PAINTING :Two Light Sources & How to Paint a Complicated Instrument

    • QUILT BARN PAINTING: Drawing Tips for Buildings in the Landscape

    • TURKISH URNS: Strengthening the shadows, strengthens the painting

    • SUNNY INTERIOR: Emphasize the focal point

    • YELLOW TULIPS & MANDARINS: The Effect of Value Range

    • COUNTRY HOUSE: The composition can suggest a focal point

    • AUTUMN IN COLORADO: Let the diva shine!

    • CARDINAL IN SNOW: The reference to the rescue!

    • WHITE BARNS: Perspective, high contrast and soft edges transform this painting

    • MOROCCAN MARKET: Painting in low light

    • WHITE ROSE: The background exists to make the middle ground look good.

    • TWO IRISES: One Should Dominate

    • OLD BRIDGE: Painting a sunny day from a cloudy reference photo.