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Do you have a crazy work schedule (or just a crazy life, haha)? Would you like a course your can complete at your own pace? Watch the lessons and upload your paintings whenever you like! Course materials and instructor feedback on your course paintings are available through November 24, 2023.

This course is for you --

  • If you struggle with muddy color. You will unlock the secret of how color really works.

  • If your use of color is boring. You will learn how to add "zing."

  • If people pass by your paintings without a second glance. You will learn how to grab their attention.

  • If your paintings are lifeless. You will learn how to imbue your paintings with energy and movement.

  • If you are puzzled how to fix failed paintings. You will gain new-found insight into how to improve them.

  • If your schedule is erratic or demanding. You will love the flexibility to work at your own pace and get instructor feedback when you're ready.

  • If you learn best in a supportive, friendly environment that celebrates the advancements you are making. This is the place for you!
Watch Intro Video

Trisha explains the course.

Raves for Dynamic Painting Revealed --

  • Absolutely BRILLIANT!

    Dear Trisha, thank you for the tremendous thought that you put into this BRILLIANT lesson. This discussion literally shines the light on the concept of edges which has been so elusive for me. Hard edges have been my habit and it seems that I soften edges haphazardly just to “do it.” Now I understand why I have been outlining and how to logically move beyond that habit! I will treasure this demo and watch it over and over to practice the logic that you have so clearly demonstrated through your detailed examples of how to see opportunities for softening edges! Much of painting seems like magic but you have really demonstrated how to create magic! ~ V. L.

  • So much useful information!

    I have watched your demo on painting Sunny Bouquet about 5 times for all that wonderful information to sink in. Even though I know about complimentary colors, your explanation of light and shadow made so much sense. Now when I look at some of my older paintings I see where I have missed the mark. ~ P. M.

  • What an Advantage!

    Hi Trisha, one of the best advantages of this whole workshop is being able to go back again and again and review your discussions. After stumbling through my first painting in the workshop I decided to listen to your discussions over and over and finally so many things made sense to me. It isn’t enough to just read a book or listen to someone lecture. You must paint and do the work for the concepts to sink in. I thought I knew a lot of this stuff but I was wrong and I’m so glad I took your workshop. L. M.

  • The Clearest Explanation I Have Ever Heard!

    What I really appreciated about the first lesson was the clearest explanation of lights and darks and the colors of shadows and lights I have ever heard and I have taken many other online classes! ~ M. S.

  • Wonderfully Clarifying!

    Your concise but very valuable information and relaxed delivery make for a delightful “class” experience. I have gleaned important painting tools, some of which I knew on some level from painting so much, but other new information as well. For instance, even though I know the color wheel, your exercise was wonderfully clarifying, especially pointing out that cad yellow med is opposite ultramarine and that lemon yellow is opposite violet. It’s the color temperatures I’m paying more attention to. That has been very helpful. ~ B.D.

  • I am seeing color like never before!

    Trisha! I am painting today and seeing color like never before. I have pulled out 3 paintings from my “trash heap” and made adjustments that changed them completely- based on the color theory you taught in the course. I am working on a fourth now and had to stop and write and say thank you! Before your class, I would have looked at this image and been overwhelmed by detail and after, I look and see light and shadow and what is my focal point? I know I have a long way to go, but I am having a lot more fun. ~ A.S.

Twenty years of painting distilled into easy-to-understand, cohesive lessons!

Take a shortcut to excellence!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    Demonstration Painting - Sunny Bouquet

    • Demonstration Painting - Sunny Bouquet

  • 3

    A Tour of my Palette

    • A Tour of the Colors on the Palette

  • 4

    Relating Complementary Colors to Your Palette (Color Wheel)

    • Understanding which Colors on your Palette are Complementary

  • 5

    Your Turn to Paint -- Sunny Bouquet

    • Get Started Painting Sunny Bouquet

    • Sample Critique (C.V.) Sunny Bouquet

    • Sample Critique (A.B.) Sunny Bouquet

    • Sample Critique (L.P.) Sunny Bouquet

    • Sample Critique (A.W.) Sunny Bouquet

    • Sample Critique (D.S.) Sunny Bouquet

    • Sample Critique (I.C.) Sunny Bouquet

  • 6

    How to Achieve Harmonious Color

    • The Secret to Beautiful Color

  • 7

    Your Turn to Paint -- the Color of the Light

    • Your Turn to Paint -- the Color of the Light

    • Sample Critique (E.B.) Apples

    • Sample Critique (L.P.) Apples

    • Sample Critique (D.S.) Apples

    • Sample Critique (E.F.) Apples

    • Sample Critique (C.V.) Apples

    • Sample Critique (M.S.) Apples

    • Sample Critique (A.W.) Apples

  • 8

    How to Add Life and Energy to Your Paintings

    • How to Add Energy and Life to Your Paintings

  • 9

    Your Turn to Paint-- Add Life by Connecting Shapes and Losing Edges

    • Wild Sunflowers -- Losing Edges and Connecting Shapes

    • Sample Critique (P.W.) Wild Sunflowers

    • Sample Critique (M.S.) Wild Sunflowers

    • Sample Critique (N.T.) Wild Sunflowers

    • Sample Critique (A.W.) Wild Sunflowers

  • 10

    How to Make a Compelling Painting

    • How to Make a Compelling Painting - Lecture

  • 11

    Your Turn to Paint -- Explore Composition with a Landscape Painting

    • How to Paint the Fall Hay Landscape

    • Sample Critique (D.S.) Fall Hay

    • Sample Critique (M.S.) Fall Hay

  • 12

    Tech Support

    • How to replay a video that you've already watched


  • Who is this course for?

    This course is suitable for beginner to advanced students working in either oils or acrylics.

  • What do I need to take the course?

    You will need a computer and high-speed internet access.

  • Can I use acrylics in this course?

    Acrylics and oils are quite similar, so the course works well for both media. Many students have completed the online workshop working in acrylics and have done great! The main difference is that acrylics dry fast and that can make soft transitions difficult. But that's nothing you can't overcome. The course is about the ideas behind painting more than techniques. My supply list lists colors in oil, but if you have, or can mix, your acrylic colors to recreate the color wheel, you are good to go.

  • How long will I have access to the course materials?

    Access to the course ends November 24, 2023.

  • Will the instructor be available to critique my paintings?

    YES, when you complete a painting, upload it to the discussion board. Trisha will give you feedback on your painting, typically within 24 hours. (One critique per lesson.)

  • What if I am unhappy with the course?

    We think you will love this course and that it will positively impact your work, but if you find the course does not meet your expectations, request a refund within 14 days of purchase to receive a refund.